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From: Max
Subject: Fatherly Bonds-4I looked through the peephole and saw Roy waiting outside. My heart raced
and I took a deep breath as I unlocked the latch and opened the door. Even
though the door doesn't face the street, it was exciting to be standing
naked and fully hard out in the open air.Roy looked me up and down and a wise-ass smile spread across his
face. "Whoa!!! Boy! Somebody order a party here?" he joked."Hey Roy."He wrapped his hand around my dick and gave it a squeeze as he walked
through the door. "Now that's my kind of hello!" he said, and laughed.I watched him as he walked into the room and little loli real teen
turned around. His shades were
on his head, buried in his dark thick crop of hair. He had a day-old beard,
and his skin was bronzed and rugged, making his smile seem all the more
white. He was wearing a red sleeveless T with a Harley logo on it,
knee-length khaki shorts and sandals. A plastic bag from Ace was in his
hand. My first instinct was to bend him over, pull off the shorts and stick
my tongue in his hole. My dick kind of jerked at the thought, and by now it
had started to leak with clear fluid. When he glanced away, I wiped it off
and swallowed the stuff. I love that taste, even when it's my own."Hey guy," I heard Dad say from the top of the stairs. "Come on up. Why
don't you grab us a beer son. You can have one too if you want."Roy started up the stairs and I went to the fridge for the beers. I know
everyone thinks that for a sixteen-year-old kid beer is like the holy grail
or something, but I'd never liked the taste of it that much. Like I said
before, I had gotten picked up by the police for drinking during my
"bad-ass years," but I only drank to be part of the crowd then. Dad had let
me start drinking beer with him when I was about fourteen, but I'd never
developed a taste for it. Still, this was a special occasion, and I wanted
to indulge in everything I could, so I grabbed three bottles and walked up
the stairs to Dad's bedroom.When I walked in, Dad and Roy were tongue-locked, and my appearance didn't
seem to change their focus at the moment. I put the bottles down on Dad's
dresser (they were COLD!) and tried to twist the cap off one. My hands were
kind of numb from the chill of the glass bottles, and I wasn't wearing any
shirt to twist the caps off with, so I went into the bathroom and got a
towel. When I came out of the bathroom, Dad was pulling Roy's shirt off,
but they were still kissing. Roy was fondling Dad's cock, pretty hard but
not fully erect yet.I got the caps off and carried two bottles over to them, but I just stood
there not knowing what to do, watching, as they tongue-wrestled. Finally I
had to speak up."Um, Dad. These are cold."Dad peeled himself away from Roy's lips and looked at me as he held out his
hand."Good. Thanks. Here you go," he said as he took one from me and passed it
to Roy. I handed Dad the other one and he took a big swig, then motioned me
toward him. He put his other hand around my neck and guided my lips toward
his. I opened my mouth and Dad kissed me deeply. He hadn't swallowed the
beer. He didn't force it into my mouth, but allowed it to surround my
tongue and leak into my throat.The sensation was indescribable--warm and cold at the same time, part froth
and part liquid. The smell of it, so masculine and almost musky, filled my
nostrils along with the faint scent of soap and aftershave. I could feel
Dad's humid breath flow lolitas nasty girls photo
passionately from his nostrils into mine, and I
forced my own breath back out toward him. Our hard dicks bumped against
each other. Again my knees buckled, but this time I caught myself. I didn't
want him pulling away ever again.Before I knew it, Roy had gently taken my head in his hand and guided me
toward his lips. This time the beer from his mouth overflowed and dripped
onto our chests, running down my stomach and dribbling onto the floor. His
rough beard scratched my cheeks. As I swallowed what I could, Dad leaned in
to kiss us both, and we just kept doing it like that for a long time as
we'd kiss and lick the taste of the beer from each other's lips and
tongues, exploring the coldness from the inside of our mouths. I never 18ban loli kir jp did
get to my own beer.Finally Dad stepped back and looked me over."So this boy says he thinks he's old enough to keep up with us," he said to
Roy."Impudent fool! Don't think he knows what he might be getting into!" Roy
chuckled."I don't know. I think he naked nude lolita boys needs a test drive," Dad said, squeezing my
cock. I took the opportunity to take hold of his cock too. It was the first
time I'd touched my Dad's dick since he'd let me examine his P.A. when I
was a kid. And his dick hadn't been hard then. He kissed me again."Pick a number between one and ten," he said to me as he let go of my cock.Roy dropped his drawers as Dad walked to the bed, on which sat the plastic
bag Roy had carried in.I watched Roy, bent over with his ass toward me and I swooned. Dark hair
lined the inside of his solid ass cheeks, stark against the pale skin of
his tan line. I'd seen him naked before, but the possibility that I might
soon be touching his beautiful body was exhilerating. He straightened up
and turned toward me. He cock was pointing at the ceiling. I love that."So what'll it be?" Dad asked as he reached inside the bag and pulled out a
brand-new bundle of white rope.My mind went blank.Roy laughed and walked over to me with a wicked smile. "Say eight," he
whispered in my ear, and kissed my neck. I really thought my knees were
just going to dissolve, with the rest of me melting in a puddle onto the
floor. Roy turned me so that he was holding my waist from behind with both
hands, and I felt his hard hot cock against my ass. He continued to kiss my
neck from one side to the other as his hands lifted my arms above my head
and stroked the hair inside my arm pits."Eight," I said, not sure whether that was a good thing or not. What was I
about to get myself get into lolita paysites into? As soon as the thought crossed my mind, Roy's
gentle lips against my flesh melted all reason.Dad smiled and tossed the bag into the basket by his desk. He reached down
and caressed his cock. His balls swayed, suspended by their heavy metal
stretcher."Good boy. That's the number of times you have to come before we untie
you. Think you're up to it?"The way I was feeling at the moment, I lolita gallery top 100 think I could have come continuously
for hours and had no problem with doing it over and over again for twenty
years.I tried to speak, but barely managed to squeek out "Uh-huh."Roy clasped my hands together and told me to hold them there behind my
head. I heard him behind me as he picked up his shorts. There was a sound
of change jingling and then I heard him pull out his leather belt. As Dad
began to unwrap the bundle of rope, Roy encircled my clasped hands with the
belt. Once he'd bound my wrists, he gave me a gentle slap on the ass and
walked toward the bed, looking back to observe his handiwork."I want you to remember one thing," Dad said as he approached me. "If you
ever want to stop, just tell us. We want you to have fun, but don't do
anything you don't want to do.""Okay," I said.Roy sat down on the bed and lightly stroked his cock. "What if his mouth is
full?""I'll just hum something," I said with a laugh."I'll bet you will," Roy said, and we all broke out laughing."Roy, there's some rings and some leather twine in my night stand. Can you
get 'em for me?" Dad asked as he walked around behind me.Roy got up and opened the top drawer of Dad's night stand. He pulled out
two chrome-plated ball-rings and the twine, as well as some lube and
condoms, which he put on the top of the stand and then closed the
drawer. He walked over to where I stood with my hands behind my head. My
cock was drooling."Looky there," he said, squeezing the liquid from the tip of my dick and
licking it from his fingers. "Mmmm-mmm good," he said with a wink.Dad wrapped the rope around my torso a few times, over my pedo lola top 100
shoulders little girls videos lolita and
back across my chest. He walked around to face me and gave me a passionate
kiss. He looked deeply into my eyes with a look of pride and joy and pure
male energy. "I love you son."I tried to say so in return, but just looked back into his eyes and gave
him a bit of a smile. I was so in love with my Dad at that moment that it
was hard for me to even express myself. His soulful brown eyes, his
sun-freckled skin, his gorgeous lips, his ears, his hair and chest and ass
and cock, the metal which pierced and decorated him, the smell of him, his
bed and this room and the very house around us. It was all his, as was I at
this moment. We were growing into one shared being, and I wanted for no
more than to flow back into him, back and forth, to give and take, just as
our breath and the beer had been exchanged only moments before."Dad..." Roy said with a smirk, handing the rings and twine to my Dad,
indicating that this was a father's job, to bind his son's balls for the
first time.Dad took hold of my scrotum and gently but firmly held it, letting the
warmth of his hand naturally pull my balls away from my body. He looked
deep into my eyes again."So let's get to it then," he said.
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